Sivapoomi Museum | Exhibition of historical Tamil culture

Sivapoomi Museum

Sivapoomi Museum

Si A9, Kandy – Jaffna Highway , Navatkuli

Telephone: +94 212052585


Museum Hours

Every Day 09.00am – 06:00pm


Adults: Rs 100.00

Students: Rs 50.00

No mobile phone or Video camera usage allowed inside the Museum

Sivapoomi Museum was established on the 25th of January, 2020. It was founded by Dr. Aru Thirumurugan, the purpose of the Museum is to collect objects and materials of the cultural, religious, historical importance of Sri Lanka and preserve them, research into them, and present them to the public for the purpose of education and enjoyment.
It is an important part of preserving our history, culture, and knowledge, both of the past as well as the future. Our institution was created in the public interest to engage visitors with a deeper understanding and to promote the enjoyment and sharing of authentic cultural and natural heritage.

A brief History of the Sivapoomi Museum

The Sivapoomi Museum greatly helps to trace the heritage and antiquity of a community across many generations. Preserving the historical traces of Tamils who have lived in Sri Lanka for thousands of years is a compulsory debt of the period. From my early childhood, I always had a passion for antiquities. When I was a student of the Jaffna Hindu College, it was customary for me to visit Kalaignani studio in Jaffna, which was run by artist Mr. Selvaratnam. There he preserved objects such as photographs, paintings, and utensils that tell our history. I was so fond of them. I was very concerned about my home and the old objects that my parents kept. In 1997 I went to England for a spiritual discourse. At that time, I was amazed to see the museums there and the universities like Cambridge and Oxford. It amazed me how many centuries-old artifacts have been so carefully preserved by the British.
During the civil war in 1995, many of the traditional household items in the North were lost. Many of the artifacts I was looking for had disappeared during the relocation of Northern Province people. Old newspapers and brassware were lost. Again, I was trying to find and preserve these items. In this situation, the idea of creating a museum in the North was prevalent in my mind. As a result of hard work, 120 perches of land on the A9 road in Navtkulli was purchased by Sivapoomi Trust in 2018. Mrs. A. Kayilasapillai, Ms. Vaithilingam, Dr. Kandappillai Parthiban and Dr. Nirmalan Mahesan assisted in the construction of the three-storey building of the Museum.

- Aru Thirumurugan

Museum Yard

Statues of Tamil Kings who ruled Jaffna and other parts of Sri Lanka.

Collection of Vintage cars , Vans and Bullock carts.

Tamil Kings
Vintage Cars


Ground Floor

The ground floor features objects related to the heritage of Tamils and Tamil culture of Sri Lanka. These include household brass utensils, food carriers, Hindu temple oil lamps, various antique coins, vintage clocks, and other objects.

Brass and Copper Objects
lunch carrier
Vintage Clocks and other Objects
alarm clock
vhs player
First Floor

The first-floor features photos of Tamil scholars, pandits, philosophers, and founders of educational establishments, as well as footage of religious and cultural events that occurred historically in Jaffna and its surrounding area. First issue newspaper articles from the pre-1800’s that was published in Tamil are presented with the front pages on display. An estimated 2800 photos of Jaffna’s historical landmarks are displayed on the first floor of the museum.

first floor wall
Second Floor

The second floor contains an exhibition of fine art portrayals of Sri Lankan Tamil culture and heritage, created by Jaffna University students and other famous artists around the island.



Museum Location: A9, Kandy – Jaffna Highway , Navatkuli. (Opposite to Sivapoomi Thiruvasagam Temple).
Mobile number: +94 21 2052585
Postal Address: Sivapoomi Trust
Station Rd, Kondavil East, Northern Province, Sri Lanka.
Telephone : +94 21 222 7938.

Museum Team

Director : Dr. Aru Thirumurugan
Architect: Mr. Kunasingham Sydney, Australia
Builder: Jayasnjayan Construction, Urelu, Jaffna
Curator: Mr. Veluppillai Paripurapavan
Manager : Mrs. Kugakumary Vijayaragunathan
Public Relation Officer: Mr. Arasakulasuryar



Volunteers needed for Sivapoomi museum
with fluency in English or Sinhala to guide visitors/students
to maintain the premises

Please call 021 222 7938

Donation of artifacts

The Museum will appreciate any artifacts, old photographs, newspapers donated by the public.

Following your submission of your artifacts, the curator will carefully consider your offer and compare it to our existing collection. Due to the deliberate nature of the consideration process, it may take several weeks to reach a decision. The Museum cannot promise when or if an item will go on display. The Museum can’t return accessioned materials to the donor. When the deed of gift is signed, ownership of the materials is legally transferred to the Museum.


We have come this far in our journey only due to the kind donations and support from all well-wishers around the world and those who have been inspired by the Sivapoomi Museum experience to contribute towards its future.

Please note that no matter how small, every donation counts and is deeply appreciated. Your donation enables Sivapoomi Museum to keep up with collections of artifacts and maintain the premises.

Please donate to the Museum office in Navatkuli by mail (cheque or money order) to Sivapoomi Trust, Station Rd, Kondavil East, Northern Province, Sri Lanka.